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"Thank you for making our first website exactly what we wanted! Your expertise and skill helped create the perfect vehicle for moving our business forward"

Jane Hughes,

Hughes & Co.

Available Services

Cornish Technologies offers a variety of support and service options for your convenience. Schedules*, reasonable reply timelines and rates** will be listed for each service. Further inquiries can be made via the Contact Form.

Email Consultation

All standard and non-pressing questions and requests should be addressed via email first. I will have regular access to email and will attempt to reply within a 24 hour time period. This may be subject to geographic location. All requests for Remote Assistance should be made via email first. To send email, please use link below or via the Contact Form.

All emails will be responded to. Responses will be charged on a per-instance basis. Simple email replies may carry no fee whereas lengthy instructions and research may carry the normal fee of $50.00/hour and will be billed in 15 minute increments.

Send Email

Phone Consultation

I will be available for phone consulations every Wednesday. All phone consultations should be scheduled via email or the Contact Form, but if you need to leave a voicemail, please leave a brief description of your problem and the latest hour at which I can conveniently return the call. Voicemails will be checked at least once a day.

Phone consultations will carry the normal fee of $50.00/hour and will be billed in 15 minute increments.

Call Phone

Remote Assistance

I will be available to provide Remote Assistance every Wednesday. All remote assistance requests should be scheduled via email or the Contact Form. In anticipation of scheduled remote assistance jobs, you may prepare your computer for access using the following instructions.

Remote assistance jobs will carry the normal fee of $50.00/hour and will be billed in 30 minute increments.

Begin Remote

*Please note that all Phone Consultations and Remote Assistance jobs must be scheduled at least one day in advance (Tuesday) as these services will only be provided based on actual, scheduled demand.

**Please be available for scheduled appointments at least 10 minutes in advance of appointment. A 15 minute inconvenience fee may be applied for late appointments or last minute cancellations.

For almost two decades, Cornish Technologies has been servicing households and businesses alike. Offering prompt, friendly service, website and business network consultations and house calls/business visits at no extra charge.

About Cornish Technologies

Just a bit more info | a little about us

Cornish Technologies was started by William Wadsworth as a hobby in which he would offer his computer expertise to friends and family members in his spare time while working Full Time as a Police Officer for the town of Claremont, NH. He would spend his early morning coffee hours assisting local businesses and responding to calls from early rising clients and his evening hours picking up computers for bench work.

His small DBA grew into an LLC as news of his personable manner and ability to make house calls spread. Over the years, he was able to assemble a small team of coworkes who shared his friendly personality and eagerness to assist including his brother-in-law, Nick, and Andrew Carmichael (when not traveling the world).

Bill Wadsworth

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